By Eloise Evans on 08/02/2017

Drain Doctor Teesside under new management

Mark Popplewell is to be the keen new business owner of Drain Doctor Teesside. He has big plans for the business and is looking forward to his new venture

After an unexpected opportunity crossed his path, Mark Popplewell didn’t want to pass it up. By chance, he came across the sale of the Teesside branch of Drain Doctor and decided to take a leap of faith and buy the plumbing and drainage franchise.

His previous occupations may give the impression that he doesn’t have much experience in the trade, but Mark has the exact right stuff for making Drain Doctor Teesside a success. He became a pig farmer straight out of school, and then later became a sales representative related to farming, but over the years he has developed all the skills needed for the job.

Mark was a pig farmer for twenty-nine years, and looking after the farm meant that he needed to perform all sorts of tasks to keep it up and running. This inevitably included needing to keep the plumbing and drainage fully functional, so over the years, he picked up some pretty in-depth knowledge of pipes and drains. He knows that this understanding will be extremely useful whilst running the business and will be a good fit for Drain Doctor.

However, it isn’t simply the technical knowledge that will help him in his new endeavour! After the many years of manual labour on the farm took its toll, Mark instead chose to go into a sales career. He began this career as a sales representative for farmers, but then went on to pet shops and saddle shops and became very skilled within this role. As a great listener and communicator, he loved this job role as it gave him plenty of opportunities to meet and talk to a wide variety of people and has developed fantastic people skills. These skills will be easily transferred to his new business and will be able to really understand how to help his customers.

Although Mark will be running the business instead of completing call-outs himself, he has said that he will attend many jobs so that he can ensure his technicians are providing the highest level of workmanship and customer service. He prides himself on how tidy he is and swears that his farm was the tidiest in the country. He and his technicians will be a company that you can trust to care for your home just as much as you do.

Mark has big plans for Drain Doctor Teesside and is aiming to get another three vans on the road by the end of the year. He is determined to make sure he is the number one choice for plumbing and drainage not only for the top-quality work that they do but for also being the company that takes the most care of their customers.

So, if you are looking for someone to help you with any plumbing and drainage repairs, maintenance or installations, give Drain Doctor Teesside a call on 0800 037 1796!

Mark receiving his certificate after successfully completing his training with Drain Doctor


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