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We at Drain Doctor of Teesside boast the UK's largest full service combined emergency commercial and domestic plumbing and drainage maintenance company.

Blocked Drains have to be one of the worst kinds of household emergencies. They can cause serious amounts of damage to your home if left unattended!

Whether you've found us by typing Blocked Drains Stockton, Blocked Drains Middlesborough, Blocked Drains Darlington or Blocked Drains Teeside we have your area covered.

Blocked drains are created by a blockage in a drain pipe connected to your home through your bathrooms, toilets, laundry & kitchen. Often, we can fix any blocked drains in teeside easily. For more serious problems we offer Blocked Drains Surveys in Middlesborough, Blocked Drains Surveys in Darlington, Blocked Drains Surveys in Middlesborough & Blocked Drains Surveys anywhere in Teeside!

So What are the signs or symptoms of a blocked drain?

There are many different causes of blockages. The most common symptoms or signs include:
Water is filling up in the shower. Only after you get out of the shower you notice the water starting to retreat.

The toilet seems to continue to fill up and takes a while for the water levels to draw back to normal.
You’re getting some bad smells & odors wafting through the house, kitchen, bathrooms or laundry.

 If in doubt call the Drain Doctor and request a free quote!

Our service creed:

  • Fix it once...
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  • Fix it forever...
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Drain Doctor of Teesside covers most counties and major cities in the UK.  We have a network of offices who provide our national service standards to your local area.

Full domestic and commercial emergency plumbing service.

Complete drainage service including clearance, drain jetting, CCTV drainage surveys, drain and sewer pipe repairs from excavation to no-dig lining and patching services.

For commercial customers we offer a number of preventative maintenance plans.

We specialise in delivering unique levels of customer service.

  • A proper 24/7/365 days a year service, with never an overtime or weekend charge.
  • All work is agreed prior to us starting any job. All work is priced from our national pricing menu.
  • Our vans are equipped for any emergencies.
  • No call out charges.
  • Pre-fixed prices.
  • All work guaranteed.

We also carry out drain inspections using our bespoke CCTV equipment and can then carry out any repairs that are shown to be needed.

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...we aim to give unrivalled levels of customer service.

If you have an emergency plumbing and drainage problem, ring Drain Doctor of Teesside on 0800 037 1796 and consider your problem solved.

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Blocked Drains Darlington, Blocked Drains Middlesborough, Blocked Drains Billingham, Blocked Drains Hartleepool & all of Teesside!